• Welcome to Sumathi Memorial Trust

    SMT is working to help alleviate the large financial burden of cancer treatments.


Sumathi Memorial Trust was established in the memory of Mrs. Sumathi Velumani – co-creator of Thyrocare.

Mrs. Velumani’s personality was characterized by steely resolve, frugality and a deep sense of caring and compassion – she created a lot of wealth but did not consume any. Thyrocare’s journey to becoming one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in India with a market cap of over 4,000 crores is owed in no small part to her nurturing of the business and the people.

She was a victim of late diagnosis of pancreatic cancer – which claimed her prematurely in early 2016. She was diabetic too. This Trust has been created by her family to create to reduce the impact of Cancer and Diabetes in Common man. Objectives are to create jobs and solve healthcare problems in these two domains.

As of now, Three major areas are focused.

  1. Subsidize PET-CT investigations by Rs. 3000 per poor and needy patient – Goal a lakh scans
  2. Do free cancer marker tests worth Rs. 3000 for diagnosed Cancer patients – Poor and Needy – Goal a lakh tests
  3. Screen and Diagnose early, both Diabetes and Hypertension – Goal – 10 crore population.
  4. To make COVID-19 PCR Test available for public at an affordable rate of Rs. 2,500